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Big Daddy Wilson
Deep In My Soul

Big Daddy Wilson - Deep In My Soul

The American South casts a powerful spell. The sons and daughters of those deep states might stray from their hometowns, make their fortunes and families overseas. But wherever they roam, the South is there under their skin – and one day it will call them home. So it was with Deep In My Soul: the album that lured Big Daddy Wilson from his base in Europe back to the US motherland. “It was like a homecoming,” he says. “To take it back home like this, back to my roots, was very sweet and special.”

ARTIST SITE | RELEASED: April 19, 2019 ON Ruf
TAGS: Americana | Blues | R&B | Soul

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"Deep In My Soul"


  1. 1. I Know
  2. 2. Ain't Got No Money
  3. 3. Mississippi Me
  4. 4. Tripping On You
  5. 5. I Got Plenty
  6. 6. Hold On To Our Love
  7. 7. Deep In My Soul
  8. 8. I'm Walking
  9. 9. Crazy World
  10. 10. Redhead Stepchild
  11. 11. Voodoo
  12. 12. Couldn't Keep It To Myself

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 14
    Chelmsford, UK Hideaway Festival 2020
  • Oct 09
    Karlsruhe, Germany Big Daddy Wilson at Jubez - Großer Saal
  • Oct 12
    Kassel, Germany Ally Venable Band and Big Daddy Wilson at Theaterstübchen
  • Nov 05
    Berlin, Germany Big Daddy Wilson at Quasimodo
  • Nov 06
    Dresden, Germany Big Daddy Wilson at Ostra-studios
  • Nov 07
    Münster, Germany Big Daddy Wilson at Hot Jazz Club
  • Nov 10
    London, UK Ally Venable with Big Daddy Wilson at 100 Club
  • Nov 12
    Great Yarmouth, UK HRH ABC 2020
  • Dec 16
    Hamburg, Germany Big Daddy Wilson at Event Center Landhaus Walter Downtown Bluesclub
  • Dec 17
    Salzgitter, Germany Big Daddy Wilson at Kniestedter Kirche
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