New Releases For September 21, 2018

Entertain Your Force Of Habit

Betzefer - Entertain Your Force Of Habit

Founded in 1998, Israeli groove metal veterans release their seventh studio release via Metalville Records. With Entertain Your Force Of Habit the boys from Tel Aviv recorded another groove monster album. The band promises to sound heavier and more furious on the 10 new songs than ever before. With their new vocalist Aharon Ragoza, Betzefer once again underscores that they are in full swing: A veteran but rejuvenated band that has remained hungry and evolved through a leap into the unknown.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal | Rock

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"Dead Lines"


  1. 1. One Way To No Way
  2. 2. Dead Lines
  3. 3. Ain’t No Party ‘Til You Hurt Somebody
  4. 4. Never Been
  5. 5. Crash
  6. 6. Light Away
  7. 7. Truck Leaking Gasoline
  8. 8. Dying Man
  9. 9. Hand In Hand To Hell
  10. 10. The Last Song In The World