New Releases For May 11, 2010

Beneath The Sky
In Loving Memory

Beneath The Sky - In Loving Memory

Influenced by the likes of Darkest Hour, At The Gates, and Hatebreed, Beneath The Sky have created a very unique and authentic style of raw, punk-ish melodic metal. For this record, they took that same energy and gave it a creative boost towards a more polished and accessible sound and style.

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"Terror Starts At Home"


  1. 1. The Opening
  2. 2. Sorry, I'm Lost
  3. 3. Tears, Bones, & Desire
  4. 4. Terror Starts At Home
  5. 5. A Tale From The Northside
  6. 6. In Loving Memory
  7. 7. To Die For
  8. 8. Blood & Seperation
  9. 9. Static
  10. 10. Embrace