New Releases For May 6, 2014

Ben & Ellen Harper
Childhood Home

Ben & Ellen Harper - Childhood Home

Three-time Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter/musician Ben Harper and his mother Ellen have collaborated to create an absorbing, deeply personal collection of original songs.

Childhood Home features ten songs, six written by Ben and four written by Ellen, that explore the intricacies of family life with honesty and generous intimacy.

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"A House Is A Home"


  1. 1. A House Is A Home
  2. 2. City Of Dreams
  3. 3. Born To Love You
  4. 4. Heavyhearted World
  5. 5. Monsanto: Farmer's Daughter
  6. 6. Memories Of Gold
  7. 7. Altar Of Love
  8. 8. Break Your Heart
  9. 9. Learn It All Again Tomorrow
  10. 10. How Could We Not Believe

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