New Releases For February 8, 2011

Blood Magick Necromance

Belphegor - Blood Magick Necromance

Belphegor's ninth full-length is an opus filled to the brim with dark and sinister anthems that are above and beyond anything they've done in the past. Produced by Hypocrisy's Peter Tägtgren (Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Children of Bodom), Belphegor deliver the most brutal, elegant and gripping black/death metal out there.

On tour with Deicide in February & March and Sepultura in March & April.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Impaled Upon The Tongue Of Sathan"


  1. 1. In Blood - Devour This Sanctity
  2. 2. Rise To Fall And Fall To Rise
  3. 3. Blood Magick Necromance
  4. 4. Discipline Through Punishment
  5. 5. Angeli Mortis De Profudis
  6. 6. Impaled Upon The Tongue Of Sathan
  7. 7. Possessed Burning Eyes
  8. 8. Sado Messiah

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 23
    Burgkunstadt, Germany Belphegor at Unknown venue
  • Apr 04
    Ludwigsburg, Germany Belphegor and Suffocation at Rockfabrik
  • Apr 05
    Essen, Germany Belphegor and Suffocation at Turock
  • Apr 06
    Glasgow, UK Belphegor at Lord of the Land
  • Apr 07
    Hamburg, Germany Belphegor and Suffocation at Kulturpalast Im Wasserwerk
  • Apr 09
    Osnabrück, Germany Belphegor and Suffocation at Bastard Club
  • Apr 10
    Rotterdam, Netherlands Suffocation with Belphegor, God Dethroned, Nordjevel, and 1 more… at Baroeg
  • Apr 11
    Alkmaar, Netherlands Belphegor and Suffocation at Podium Victorie
  • Apr 13
    Enschede, Netherlands Suffocation, Belphegor, and God Dethroned at Metropool
  • Apr 14
    Paris, France Suffocation, Belphegor, God Dethroned, and Darkrise at Glaz'art
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