New Releases For July 1, 2016

Bat For Lashes
The Bride

Bat For Lashes - The Bride

Bat For Lashes - aka multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Natasha Khan – presents her latest album, The Bride. The Bride follows the story of a woman whose fiancé has been killed in a crash on the way to the church for their wedding. The bride flees the scene to take the honeymoon trip alone, resulting in a dark meditation on love, loss, grief, and celebration. Written as the soundtrack for a feature length film in mind, The Bride is Khan's most ambitious work to date, sonically and visually incorporating an entire world inhabited by The Bride, along with the characters and places she encounters on the way.

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"Sunday Love"


  1. 1. I Do
  2. 2. Joe’s Dream
  3. 3. In God’s House
  4. 4. Honeymooning Alone
  5. 5. Sunday Love
  6. 6. Never Forgive The Angels
  7. 7. Close Encounters
  8. 8. Widow’s Peak
  9. 9. Land’s End
  10. 10. If I knew
  11. 11. I Will Love Again
  12. 12. In Your Bed
  13. 13. Clouds

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