New Releases For June 5, 2012

Bap Kennedy
The Sailor's Revenge

Bap Kennedy - The Sailor's Revenge

'Bap Kennedy has the ability to take the merest thread of a story and spin it into a tale of such epic proportions it leaves the casual listener dumbfounded at what comes out of their speakers.'
- No Depression

Ex-Energy Orchard main man and Belfast-based Bap Kennedy has been hailed by Steve Earle as 'the best songwriter I ever heard.' Produced by Mark Knopfler at his British Grove Studios in London, The Sailor's Revenge seamlessly unites a series of captivating original songs. Knopfler adds his distinctive guitar alongside other luminaries such as Jerry Douglas, Michael McGoldrick and John McCusker.

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"Jimmy Sanchez"


  1. 1. Shimnavale
  2. 2. Not A Day Goes By
  3. 3. Jimmy Sanchez
  4. 4. Lonely No More
  5. 5. The Right Stuff
  6. 6. Maybe I Will
  7. 7. Please Return To Jesus
  8. 8. The Sailor's Revenge
  9. 9. Working Man
  10. 10. The Beauty Of You
  11. 11. Celtic Sea