New Releases For May 18, 2010

Band Of Horses
Infinite Arms

Band Of Horses - Infinite Arms

Infinite Arms was a group effort in the truest sense of the phrase. Trading song ideas remotely and then joining in the studio to work through arrangements led to writing credits for all five band members throughout the record, making the album a reflection of the taste and style of each Horse.

Ben Bridwell is the lone constant member since Everything All the Time, the band's 2006 debut, but if you ask him, he might tell you that Infinite Arms is just that: a debut in the sense that he entered the studio for the first time with a group of musicians working together as a cohesive force. All members made invaluable contributions to the inimitable sound that Bridwell has crafted since the band's inception.

Also available on CD, 180 gram vinyl, and limited-edition indie retail box.

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  1. 1. Factory
  2. 2. Compliments
  3. 3. Laredo
  4. 4. Blue Beard
  5. 5. On My Way Back Home
  6. 6. Infinite Arms
  7. 7. Dilly
  8. 8. Evening Kitchen
  9. 9. Older
  10. 10. For Annabelle
  11. 11. NW Apt.
  12. 12. Neighbor