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The Names

Baio - The Names

Baio has been best known as the bass player in Vampire Weekend. In his downtime between tours, however, Baio recognized a desire to explore his own individual voice away from the band. Across the album’s nine tracks, Baio wanted to return to electronic music and also to investigate his own lyrical and vocal style to create something quite new and not easily categorized.

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"Sister Of Pearl"


  1. 1. Brainwash Yyrr Face
  2. 2. The Names
  3. 3. Sister Of Pearl
  4. 4. I Was Born In A Marathon
  5. 5. Needs
  6. 6. All The Idiots
  7. 7. Matter
  8. 8. Endless Rhythm
  9. 9. Scarlett

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