New Releases For August 10, 2018


Axegressor - Bannerless

The new full-length album Bannerless is rotting, crushing thrash metal that shows a lot of what the Finnish scene was the best known for. Skull crushing riffs with one of the heaviest rhythm sections from the scene, some of the best moments of gorgeous melody, and a mystical atmosphere that leaves most of their countrymen in the dust. Punishing staccato rhythms and fast melodic leads interplay, with most of the material being mid-paced and groovy variations on chugging or galloping low end riffs, melodies, and fantastic drumming interplays well with the heavy rhythm section.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal | Rock | Thrash

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"The Lethality Of Mediocrity"


  1. 1. In Safe Space No One Can Hear Your Scream
  2. 2. Ever Bending Spine
  3. 3. Bridges To Cross And Burn
  4. 4. Terminal Ignition
  5. 5. Igno-Rant
  6. 6. Human Travesty
  7. 7. The Lethality Of Mediocrity
  8. 8. Truth Prostitute
  9. 9. Peace At Last
  10. 10. Don't Be An Asshole