New Releases For March 29, 2011

Megalithic Symphony

AWOLNATION - Megalithic Symphony

No one really knows the origin of AWOLNATION, but together they form a commitment to getting rid of life's wreckage and building a trend based on honesty, commitment and, well, aggressive passion. AWOLNATION takes experimentation and stretches it to eccentric new proportions. Galvanizing punk rock energy with hip-hop beats, the debut album Megalithic Symphony takes music to the next level. Alternative radio hit 'Sail' pays homage to the 80's in its use of slowed synthesizers and big vocals, while upbeat tracks like 'Kill Your Heroes' mix an inspiring message with big bass, distorted guitar and strong harmonies. Making tough, hard, passionate music slammed with the most up-to-date hip-hop and electronic dance beats in a genre-blending mash-up is what defines AWOLNATION.

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  1. 1. Megalithic Symphony
  2. 2. Some Sort Of Creature
  3. 3. Soul Wars
  4. 4. People
  5. 5. Jump On My Shoulders
  6. 6. Burn It Down
  7. 7. Guilty Filthy Soul
  8. 8. Kill Your Heroes
  9. 9. My Nightmare's Dream
  10. 10. Sail
  11. 11. Wake Up
  12. 12. Not Your Fault
  13. 13. All I Need
  14. 14. Knights Of Shame

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