New Releases For June 22, 2010

Automatic Loveletter
Truth Or Dare

Automatic Loveletter - Truth Or Dare

Take a cosmos full of confidence, a fist full of defiance, a potent set of lungs alongside a rollicking band and Juliet Simms, better known to the world over as Automatic Loveletter, is unflinchingly kicking down music industry doors and commanding instant attention. Equal parts Pink and Foo Fighters, crossed with Heart or Joan Jett for the Now generation, the singer/songwriter's vehicle to stardom is absolutely unstoppable as her sassy and seductive new CD Truth or Dare so boldly articulates.

TAGS: Alternative | Emo | Punk

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"Heart Song"


  1. 1. Heart Song
  2. 2. Don't Let Me Down
  3. 3. Fade Away
  4. 4. Hush
  5. 5. Story Of My Life
  6. 6. Day That Saved Us
  7. 7. To Die For
  8. 8. Let It Ride
  9. 9. Eyes On You
  10. 10. My Goodbye
  11. 11. Butterflies
  12. 12. Back To Life