New Releases For August 27, 2013

Austin Lucas
Stay Reckless

Austin Lucas - Stay Reckless

Stay Reckless is just the next step in the exciting evolution of this talented singer and songsmith. The album is a confident statement from a musician that has been at his craft for more than a decade, honing his skills on the road and strengthening his songwriting with each release.

Written while in the throes of a divorce, the album is easily his most personal but it's far from a typical break up record; much of it is about him coming to terms with being single again and doesn't always paint himself in a positive light.

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"Alone In Memphis"


  1. 1. Let Me In
  2. 2. Alone In Memphis
  3. 3. Four Wheels
  4. 4. Small Town Heart
  5. 5. Rings
  6. 6. Save It For Yourself
  7. 7. Different Shade Of Red
  8. 8. Stay Reckless
  9. 9. So Much More Than Lonely
  10. 10. Gift And A Gamble
  11. 11. Splinters