New Releases For February 4, 2014


Augustines - Augustines

Augustines marks a milestone on Augustines' amazing journey, the work of a gifted band ascending to new heights while simultaneously grappling with their place in the universe. With the most recent tour with Frightened Rabbit, Augustines were eager to bring their brilliant new album to a worldwide audience keen for their return. Eric Sanderson (bass, keys, vocals) describes the Augustines' live shows, saying 'The audience is singing, the audience is dancing; they're all making music together. That's what we've been trying to do our whole lives as musicians, but only recently have we been able to embrace that.'

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"Cruel City"


  1. 1. Intro (I Touch Imaginary Hands)
  2. 2. Cruel City
  3. 3. Nothing To Lose But Your Head
  4. 4. Weary Eyes
  5. 5. Don't You Look Back
  6. 6. Walkabout
  7. 7. Kid You're On Your Own
  8. 8. This Ain't Me
  9. 9. Now You Are Free
  10. 10. The Avenue
  11. 11. Highway 1 Interlude
  12. 12. Hold Onto Anything

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