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Atari Teenage Riot
Is This Hyperreal?

Atari Teenage Riot - Is This Hyperreal?

The follow up to 1999's critically acclaimed 60 Second Wipeout, Is This Hyperreal? is a sonic masterpiece twelve years in the making and affirms Atari Teenage Riot's cultural relevance yet again.

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"Activate! (Featuring CX Kidtronik)"


  1. 1. Activate! (Featuring CX Kidtronik)
  2. 2. Blood In My Eyes
  3. 3. Black Flags (Featuring Jeff Aug)
  4. 4. Is This Hyperreal?
  5. 5. Codebreaker (Featuring Steve Aoki)
  6. 6. Shadow Identity
  7. 7. Re-Arrange Your Synapsis
  8. 8. Digital Decay
  9. 9. The Only Slight Glimmer Of Hope
  10. 10. Collapse Of History