New Releases For April 29, 2014

Asylum Street Spankers
The Last Laugh

Asylum Street Spankers - The Last Laugh

Triumphant final performances of America's favorite acoustic hellraisers resound with country, blues, & subversive wit.

America's favorite old-time hellraisers take their fans on one last journey. As echoes of Tin Pan Alley and vaudeville abound, the country, blues, jazz and swing songs they've borrowed and created go flying by, all passing through the punk-rock ethos at their core. These triumphant final performances cement the troupe's legacy as an acoustic powerhouse.

TAGS: Americana | Folk

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"Never Goin' Back"


  1. 1. Didn't It Rain
  2. 2. Never Goin' Back
  3. 3. I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water
  4. 4. Don't You Hear Jerusalem Moan
  5. 5. Ludicrous Heart
  6. 6. She Texted Me Goodbye
  7. 7. Make It Rain
  8. 8. The Swan
  9. 9. Savor Every Day
  10. 10. Fuck Work
  11. 11. The Final Song?
  12. 12. Coffee Grindin' Blues