New Releases For March 5, 2013

Ashley Monroe
Like A Rose

Ashley Monroe - Like A Rose

Ashley Monroe has been creating music for more than half of her life - attracting along the way kudos from such music world giants as Dolly Parton, Guy Clark, Vince Gill and Jack White. Her new album serves both to fill in the back-story and impart to us who she is today.

At times her songs are dead serious, at others utterly hilarious, but always, Monroe is an original with a compelling story. The semi-autobiographical title track was co-written with Texan legend Guy Clark.

Ashley will perform 'Like A Rose' on NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on March 11.

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"Like A Rose"


  1. 1. Like A Rose
  2. 2. Two Weeks Late
  3. 3. Used
  4. 4. Weed Instead Of Roses
  5. 5. You Got Me
  6. 6. The Morning After
  7. 7. Monroe Suede
  8. 8. She's Driving Me Out Of Your Mind
  9. 9. You Ain't Dolly (And You Ain't Porter) [Duet with Blake Shelton]