New Releases For April 21, 2015

As It Is
Never Happy, Ever After

As It Is - Never Happy, Ever After

The transatlantic pop-rock quintet hailing from Brighton, UK, have spent the last two years molding their craft and steadily building a reputation as one of the UK’s brightest new names in the scene. The band has established a devout fan following with their heart-on-sleeve, honest and relatable lyrics, charged with pop-rock melodies. In preparation for releasing the debut album on Fearless Records, the band locked themselves away for a summer, summoning forth the glory days of Taking Back Sunday, the Starting Line and the Early November to create an album of raw pop sensibility.

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"Dial Tones"


  1. 1. Speak Soft
  2. 2. Cheap Shots & Setbacks
  3. 3. Sorry
  4. 4. Drowning Deep In Doubt
  5. 5. Dial Tones
  6. 6. My Oceans Were Lakes
  7. 7. Concrete
  8. 8. Turn Back To Me
  9. 9. Can't Save Myself
  10. 10. Silence (Pretending's So Comfortable)
  11. 11. You, The Room & The Devil On Your Shoulder

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