New Releases For September 22, 2017

Relentless Mutation

Archspire - Relentless Mutation

Vancouver's Archspire return with Relentless Mutation, an all-new blast of supreme technical death metal. Relentless Mutation is the sound of truly extreme metal colliding with the future at warp speed. Dizzying guitar and bass acrobatics and gonzoid drum blasting carve through the savagery with surgical precision, while rapid fire vocals attack at inhuman speeds. The complexity and fluidity of the compositions is astonishing, and sees the ascendant band truly come into their own. Relentless Mutation is THE death metal record of 2017, and sees Archspire emerge as one of the genre's apex predators.

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"Remote Tumour Seeker"


  1. 1. Involuntary Doppelgänger
  2. 2. Human Murmuration
  3. 3. Remote Tumour Seeker
  4. 4. Relentless Mutation
  5. 5. The Mimic Well
  6. 6. Calamus Will Animate
  7. 7. A Dark Horizontal