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The General Strike

Anti-Flag - The General Strike

The 12 tracks that comprise the band's 8th studio album are arguably their most aggressive to date. With influences ranging from hardcore to modern folk punk, The General Strike is reckless yet tight, experimental yet familiar, and as impassioned and enraged as the band feels.

The General Strike was recorded and produced by Anti-Flag at their home studio and is poised to be the soundtrack for the masses of begrudged private citizens that are currently protesting corporate injustice and governmental power around the world.

TAGS: Alternative | Punk

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"This Is The New Sound"


  1. 1. Controlled Opposition
  2. 2. The Neoliberal Anthem
  3. 3. 1915
  4. 4. This Is The New Sound
  5. 5. Bullshit Opportunist
  6. 6. The Ranks Of The Masses Rising
  7. 7. Turn A Blind Eye
  8. 8. Broken Bones
  9. 9. I Don't Wanna
  10. 10. Nothing Recedes Like Progress
  11. 11. Resist
  12. 12. The Ghosts Of Alexandria

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 08
    Los Angeles, CA, US Anti-Flag with The Bombpops and De'Wayne Jackson at The House of Machines
  • Dec 20
    Chicago, IL, US Anti-Flag with J. Navarro & The Traitors and Blind Adam & The Federal League at Reggie's Rock Club
  • Jan 16
    Zürich, Switzerland Anti-Flag at Großer Saal, Dynamo
  • Jan 17
    Graz, Austria Anti-Flag at Ppc - Project Popculture
  • Jan 18
    Vienna, Austria Anti-Flag at Flex
  • Jan 21
    Berlin, Germany Anti-Flag at SO36
  • Jan 22
    Munich, Germany Anti-Flag at Backstage
  • Jan 23
    Nuremberg, Germany Anti-Flag at Löwensaal
  • Jan 24
    Chemnitz, Germany Anti-Flag at AJZ Talschock
  • Jan 28
    Hamburg, Germany Anti-Flag at Fabrik
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