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For All Kings

Anthrax - For All Kings

Over its 35-year career, Anthrax has been a pioneering band with its unique style, sound and heavy brand of thrash metal, and, as Metallica's Kirk Hammett put it, "one can hear their influence on any number of up and coming bands." The band has sold in excess of 10-million units, received multiple Gold and Platinum certifications, six Grammy nominations and a host of other accolades from the media, industry and fans. Anthrax helped break down race and genre barriers in 1988 when they collaborated with Public Enemy on "Bring The Noise." They went on to become a card-carrying member of The Big Four - with Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth - as one of the four bands that defined the speed/thrash metal genre.

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"Breathing Lightning"


  1. 1. Impaled
  2. 2. You Gotta Believe
  3. 3. Monster At The End
  4. 4. For All Kings
  5. 5. Breathing Lightning
  6. 6. Breathing Out
  7. 7. Suzerain
  8. 8. Evil Twin
  9. 9. Blood Eagle Wings
  10. 10. Defend Avenge
  11. 11. All Of Them Thieves
  12. 12. This Battle Chose Us
  13. 13. Zero Tolerance

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 09
    Vizovice, Czech Republic Masters Of Rock Festival 2020
  • Aug 10
    Barcelona, Spain KNOTFEST At Sea 2020
  • Aug 29
    Chicago, IL, US Anthrax with Converge, Russian Circles, The Atlas Moth, and 1 moreā€¦ at Brands Park
  • Jan 11
    Tokyo, Japan Knotfest Japan 2021
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