New Releases For December 7, 2010


Anika - Anika

'Political Journalist' isn't a credential we usually have in musician's bios, but this is exactly what Anika was doing while living between Berlin and Bristol earlier this year when she met Geoff Barrow. The producer was looking for a new singer to work with his band Beak>, and it was immediately clear they shared the same musical vision, including a love of punk, dub and 60s girl groups.

Self-titled debut, Anika, produced by Geoff Barrow of Portishead.

TAGS: Indie Rock

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"Yang Yang"


  1. 1. Terry
  2. 2. Yang Yang
  3. 3. The End Of The World
  4. 4. Masters Of War
  5. 5. Officer Officer
  6. 6. Sadness Hides The Sun
  7. 7. No One's There
  8. 8. I Go To Sleep
  9. 9. Masters Of War (Dub)