New Releases For July 17, 2012

Angus Stone
Broken Brights

Angus Stone - Broken Brights

Angus Stone is best known as one half of the critically-acclaimed and award-winning Australian brother/sister duo Angus & Julia Stone, who won top honors at the 2010 ARIA Awards in Australia with Album of the Year (Down The Way) and Single of the Year ('Big Jet Plane'). With over 500,000 Facebook fans, they have sold over 50,000 albums and 300,000 tracks to date in the US alone. They also have seven official videos on YouTube with over a million views each including the 'Big Jet Plane' video with 10 million total views.

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"Bird On The Buffalo"


  1. 1. River Love
  2. 2. Broken Brights
  3. 3. Bird On The Buffalo
  4. 4. Wooden Chair
  5. 5. The Blue Door
  6. 6. Apprentice Of The Rocket Man
  7. 7. Only A Woman
  8. 8. The Wolf And The Butler
  9. 9. Monsters
  10. 10. It Was Blue
  11. 11. Be What You Be
  12. 12. Clouds Above
  13. 13. End Of The World