New Releases For October 2, 2012

Angel Snow
Angel Snow

Angel Snow - Angel Snow

The long awaited full length self-titled release from Angel Snow is now available to fans. The record has evolved into a pristine blend of Angel's hopeful, sorrowful, and sincere music and songwriting. Combine this honesty with sweeping folk melodies and intricate guitar riffs, and the result is the captivating landscape of sound found on her previous album Fortune Tellers.

Fate and faithful perseverance brought Snow's lifelong dreams to fruitions as she prepared to release her second full-length with a major boost from Alison Krauss. Throughout a natural friendship that blossomed from fruitful songwriting, Viktor Krauss, an extremely gifted songwriter and instrumentalist, became the producer and primary co-writer for Angel Snow.

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"Lie Awake"


  1. 1. Lie Awake
  2. 2. As You Are
  3. 3. Civil Things
  4. 4. These Days
  5. 5. Windows Open
  6. 6. Stay Away
  7. 7. Gasoline
  8. 8. Coals And Water
  9. 9. Loose Ends
  10. 10. Holiday
  11. 11. You Won't Cry
  12. 12. A Place Outside

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 07
    Manchester, UK Angel Snow at Burton Arms
  • Mar 08
    Liverpool, UK Angel Snow with Cheley Tackett at 81 Renshaw Street - the Arts Cafe
  • Mar 09
    Stafford, UK Angel Snow at The Royal Oak, Eccleshall
  • Mar 10
    Nottingham, UK Angel Snow at The Running Horse
  • Mar 11
    Camden, UK Angel Snow at Green Note
  • Mar 14
    Worthing, UK Angel Snow at Coast Cafe Des Artistes
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