New Releases For October 2, 2012

Andrew Osenga
Leonard, The Lonely Astronaut

Andrew Osenga - Leonard, The Lonely Astronaut

Singer/songwriter, producer, and session player Andrew Osenga defies convention with his most determined disc to date, Leonard, The Lonely Astronaut. Mixed by Grammy winner Vance Powell (Jack White, The White Stripes, The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs).

The pop/rock sci-fi concept album was born from Andrew's love of science fiction as he explains, 'at the time, I was watching the series Battlestar Galactica. So in my mind, to fight insomnia, I started designing a spaceship and the idea of this guy named Leonard who lived in it. Then I wrote a couple songs about him and it was over. I had to do this.'

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"Ever And Always"


  1. 1. Brushstroke
  2. 2. Only Man In the World
  3. 3. Out Of Time
  4. 4. Ever And Always
  5. 5. Perihelion 1
  6. 6. Tower Of Babel
  7. 7. Hold On, Boy
  8. 8. Smoke Signals
  9. 9. Firstborn Son
  10. 10. It Was Not Good For Man To Be Alone
  11. 11. We Never Said Goodbye
  12. 12. Perihelion 2
  13. 13. Beat Of My Heart
  14. 14. Shooting Star