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Andrew Combs
Canyons Of My Mind

Andrew Combs - Canyons Of My Mind

"Canyons Of My Mind is a collection of songs, all put together, that embodies the idea of a young man growing older. The album consists of the customary songs about lost love and travel, but also hits on more mature issues, such as environmental awareness, spirituality, mental illness, and political exploitation. Taking on a more introspective and controlling role in the writing and recording process, I dug deep inside my own heart and mind to create what I think is a good illustration of a man becoming more comfortable in his own skin." - Andrew Combs

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"Dirty Rain"


  1. 1. Heart Of Wonder
  2. 2. Sleepwalker
  3. 3. Dirty Rain
  4. 4. Hazel
  5. 5. Rose Colored Blues
  6. 6. Better Way
  7. 7. Lauralee
  8. 8. Blood Hunters
  9. 9. Silk Flowers
  10. 10. Bourgeois King
  11. 11. What It Means To You

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Feb 16
    Columbus, OH, US Andrew Combs and Erin Rae at Rumba Café
  • Feb 17
    Lexington, KY, US Andrew Combs and Erin Rae with Chelsea Nolan at The Burl
  • Feb 18
    East Nashville, TN, US Andrew Combs, Erin Rae, and The Kernal at The Basement East
  • Feb 22
    Calgary, AB, Canada Calgary Folk Festival Block Heater 2019
  • Mar 05
    Asheville, NC, US Andrew Combs and Caitlin Rose at The Mothlight
  • Mar 06
    Greenville, SC, US Andrew Combs at The Radio Room
  • Mar 07
    Savannah, GA, US Savannah Stopover Music Festival 2019
  • Mar 07
    Atlanta, GA, US Andrew Combs at Smith's Olde Bar
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