New Releases For June 10, 2014

Andres Calamaro

Andres Calamaro - Bohemio

Indomitable artist and inimitable character, Andrés Calamaro is undoubtedly one of the key creators of popular Spanish rock music, from his time with Los Rodriguez and his subsequent eminence with solo albums as shown by Honestidad Brutal, whose style of live rock and electric are evoked in this new release, Bohemio. The title track of this album proposes that 'Bohemian means to make sense of things without exposing them to over analysis.' It seems this is the rule Calamaro himself applies to the production of this latest masterpiece as well.

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"Cuando No Estas"


  1. 1. Belgrano
  2. 2. Cuando No Estas
  3. 3. Tantas Veces
  4. 4. Rehenes
  5. 5. Nacimos Para Correr
  6. 6. Bohemio
  7. 7. Plastico Fino
  8. 8. Inxeplicable
  9. 9. Dentro De Una Cancion
  10. 10. Doce Pasos