New Releases For May 18, 2010

Andre Williams
That's All I Need

Andre Williams - That's All I Need

For That's All I Need, Andre went back home to Detroit to cut a record of psychedelic soul and growling 4am slow jams with a solid rock and roll backbone.

It's a stone cold look back to a time when that city was messing around where the waters of rock and funk met, when acid trips and Stroh's benders went hand in hand.

TAGS: Blues | R&B | Soul

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"That's All I Need"


  1. 1. My Time Will Come
  2. 2. America
  3. 3. That's All I Need
  4. 4. Just Call Me
  5. 5. Tricks
  6. 6. When Love Shoots You In The Foot
  7. 7. Cigarettes And My Old Lady
  8. 8. There Ain't No Such Thing As Good Dope
  9. 9. Too Light To Fight
  10. 10. Amends

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