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Voice From The Void

Anciients - Voice From The Void

Anciients return with their long-awaited sophomore album, Voice Of The Void. A heavier and harder-hitting album than their debut, Voice Of The Void raises their game with mind-melting, frenetic guitar work and a more explosive percussive attack. Tracks such "Serpents," "Pentacle," "Incantations," and more are prismatic; bursting with heavy riffs in every shade and color without sacrificing the quartets heavy rock roots. Anciients are the archetype of a modern, progressive heavy band and Voice Of The Void is a dynamic listen carrying the spirit of metal's forerunnners.

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  1. 1. Following The Voice
  2. 2. Buried In Sand
  3. 3. Worshipper
  4. 4. Pentacle
  5. 5. Descending
  6. 6. Ibex Eye
  7. 7. My Home, My Gallows
  8. 8. Serpents
  9. 9. Incantations