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Amos Lee
Mission Bell

Amos Lee - Mission Bell

For Amos Lee, the key to his fourth album, Mission Bell, was time - taking the time to reflect, to write and to record songs that lived up to his own expectations. Produced by Calexico's Joey Burns, Mission Bell displays both range and cohesion, an array of emotions unified by Lee's eclectic taste and distinctive vocals as captured on the first single, 'Windows Are Rolled Down.' With a remarkable set of guests including Willie Nelson, Lucinda Williams, Sam Beam (Iron & Wine), James Gadson and Priscilla Ahn as well as the musical backing of Calexico, the result is Lee's richest and most fully formed album to date.

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"Windows Are Rolled Down"


  1. 1. El Camino
  2. 2. Windows Are Rolled Down
  3. 3. Violin (Featuring Sam Beam)
  4. 4. Flower
  5. 5. Stay With Me (Featuring Priscilla Ahn)
  6. 6. Out Of The Cold (Featuring Pieta Brown)
  7. 7. Jesus (Featuring James Gadson)
  8. 8. Hello Again
  9. 9. Learned A Lot
  10. 10. Cup Of Sorrow
  11. 11. Clear Blue Eyes (Featuring Lucinda Williams)
  12. 12. Behind Me Now/El Camino (Reprise) (Featuring Willie Nelson)