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American Aquarium
Things Change

American Aquarium - Things Change

Recorded at 3CG Records in Tulsa, Oklahoma, American Aquarium’s seventh studio album, Things Change was produced by Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter John Fulbright and features cameos from Americana standouts including John Moreland and Jamie Lin Wilson. Stacked with BJ’s signature storytelling - always deeply personal but also instantly relatable - Things Change questions and curses current events, shares one man’s intimate evolution, and leaves listeners with a priceless gift: hope.

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"Tough Folks"


  1. 1. The World Is On Fire
  2. 2. Crooked+Straight
  3. 3. Tough Folks
  4. 4. When We Were Younger Men
  5. 5. One Day At A Time
  6. 6. Things Change
  7. 7. Work Conquers All
  8. 8. I Gave Up The Drinking (Before She Gave Up On Me)
  9. 9. Shadows Of You
  10. 10. 'Til The Final Curtain Falls

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 29
    Charlotte, NC, US American Aquarium at The Evening Muse
  • Nov 30
    Atlanta, GA, US American Aquarium at Terminal West
  • Dec 06
    Las Vegas, NV, US American Aquarium at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas
  • Dec 12
    Columbus, OH, US American Aquarium and Joshua Black Wilkins at Rumba Café
  • Dec 13
    Indianapolis, IN, US American Aquarium with Joshua Black Wilkins at The Hi-Fi
  • Dec 15
    Louisville, KY, US American Aquarium at Zanzabar
  • Jan 01
    Tulsa, OK, US American Aquarium with DJ Barham at Hangover Ball 2015- Evan Felker Acoustic
  • Jan 02
    Lawrence, KS, US American Aquarium at Granada Theatre
  • Jan 03
    Wichita, KS, US American Aquarium with John Baumann at Wave - Indoor
  • Jan 04
    Denver, CO, US American Aquarium at Bluebird Theater
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