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Amanda Shaw
Good Southern Girl

Amanda Shaw - Good Southern Girl

Amanda Shaw is now ready to take the national stage with her fourth album, Good Southern Girl, and re-introduce herself to the industry as an adult. The album is the first to capture her effervescent spirit of a live performance, and showcase her ability to expand her musical repertoire. This can be mostly attributed to the record's producer Trina Shoemaker, the first woman to win a Grammy for Best Engineered Album (The Globe Sessions, Sheryl Crow). While recording in New Orleans-based studio, The Music Shed, Trina pushed Shaw to previously unrealized heights, which is clearly translated in the tone and quality of the album.

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"Good Southern Girl"


  1. 1. Interlude
  2. 2. Johnny Can't Dance
  3. 3. Meek Maids Reel
  4. 4. Mississippi Kid
  5. 5. One Night Stand
  6. 6. Sweet Honey
  7. 7. That's It I Quit
  8. 8. What Time
  9. 9. Yes Yes Girl
  10. 10. Blues De La Frontier
  11. 11. Creole Piece
  12. 12. Cruise
  13. 13. Git Fiddle
  14. 14. Good Southern Girl

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 15
    Slidell, LA, US Amanda Shaw at Northshore Harbor Center
  • Oct 25
    Baton Rouge, LA, US Amanda Shaw at Zeeland Street Market
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