New Releases For March 19, 2013

Alpha Rev

Alpha Rev - Bloom

With a glistening rock sound that is at once fragile and tough, Bloom picks up threads from the past while it takes a big bite into the eternal here and now. Drawing from the wellspring of American history, the grandeur of its landscape, and life's sweet and tragic mysteries, singer-songwriter Casey McPherson leans into his personal challenges as well as the wages of the 21st century and emerges with a triumphant statement on the ways in which music can serve as a constant source of strength and inspiration.

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"Sing Loud"


  1. 1. Lexington
  2. 2. Crystal Colorado
  3. 3. Sing Loud
  4. 4. Lonely Man
  5. 5. Black Sky
  6. 6. Highways
  7. 7. Eden Home
  8. 8. I Will Come
  9. 9. When You Gonna Run
  10. 10. You Belong

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