New Releases For August 3, 2010

All Out War
Into The Killing Fields

All Out War - Into The Killing Fields

A popular quote states, 'Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.' This quote has never held more truth than when spoken in the same breath as the celebrated New York hardcore band All Out War.

They have returned to the surface with their destructive new album, Into The Killing Fields, and are out to remind the new generation of heavy hitters that their deep-seeded roots in the genre will cease to perish.

TAGS: Hardcore

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"Into The Killing Fields"


  1. 1. Defiance Through Fear
  2. 2. Mercy Killer
  3. 3. Apathetic Genocide
  4. 4. Fear Those Who Claim Divinity
  5. 5. From Manipulation To Martyr
  6. 6. Into The Killing Fields
  7. 7. An Angel Among Demons
  8. 8. The Murders Among Us
  9. 9. Still Crucified