New Releases For April 12, 2019


Alireza - Endlyss

A pioneering artist at the forefront of the dark trap genre, Alireza combines elements of trap and rap with rock and metal, with influences ranging from XXXTentacion to Bring Me The Horizon. The multitalented vocalist and guitarist cut his teeth in the all-black DMV metalcore band Louder Than Quiet before making the jump to solo artist, with elements of his wide-ranging tastes evident throughout his debut album Endlyss, recorded with producer Jason Rich (Lil Peep, Lil Xan).

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"Never Seen"


  1. 1. Intervene
  2. 2. Same Thing (Featuring Kamiyada+ & MikeyTha$avage)
  3. 3. Faint (Featuring Lvrd Daphne)
  4. 4. Vendetta
  5. 5. Halloween
  6. 6. Never Seen
  7. 7. Chariot (Featuring Chuck Mahmoud)
  8. 8. Doomed
  9. 9. San Juan
  10. 10. All That