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There Is No Year

Algiers - There Is No Year

Algiers are back with third album, There Is No Year. The album solidifies and expands upon the doom-laden soul of their foundation, toward an even more epic, genre re-formatting sound, one somehow suspended in the amber of “a different era,” as described by guitarist Lee Tesche. This latest offering is available on CD and LP which comes with a bonus 7” Flexi.

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  1. 1. There Is No Year
  2. 2. Dispossession
  3. 3. Hour Of The Furnaces
  4. 4. Losing Is Ours
  5. 5. Unoccupied
  6. 6. Chaka
  7. 7. Wait For The Sound
  8. 8. Repeating Night
  9. 9. We Can't Be Found
  10. 10. Nothing Bloomed

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 02
    Milwaukee, WI, US Algiers at Cactus Club
  • Apr 03
    Chicago, IL, US Algiers at The Empty Bottle
  • Apr 04
    Columbus, OH, US Algiers at Rhumba Cafe
  • Apr 05
    Detroit, MI, US Algiers at Deluxx Fluxx
  • Apr 06
    Toronto, ON, Canada Algiers at The Baby G
  • Apr 07
    Montreal, QC, Canada Algiers at Bar le Ritz PDB
  • Apr 09
    Brooklyn, NY, US Algiers at Saint Vitus
  • Apr 10
    Brooklyn, NY, US Algiers at Saint Vitus
  • Apr 16
    Tilburg, Netherlands Roadburn Festival 2020
  • Apr 21
    Hamburg, Germany Algiers at Knust
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