New Releases For September 16, 2014

Alex Hart
On This Day

Alex Hart - On This Day

Singer-songwriter Alex Hart from the English countryside in East Devon is ready for big things. The 22-year-old has been picking up rave reviews since she started performing live as a teenager, thanks to her powerful voice and unique take on folk-pop she likes to call 'West Country Country.'

Perfectly blending her influences of rock, jazz and country with infectious pop sensibilities her debut album, On This Day is available now via OK! Good Records in the US and Canada.


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  1. 1. Run
  2. 2. Bonita
  3. 3. Bad Boy Bill
  4. 4. Keep Britain Tidy
  5. 5. Everybody Loves A Lover
  6. 6. Tried Too Much
  7. 7. I See You
  8. 8. Onside
  9. 9. Green Light
  10. 10. Have A Nice Life
  11. 11. Orange Van
  12. 12. Falling Down
  13. 13. I Was Only 17
  14. 14. Taxi With You
  15. 15. Ultra Violet Code
  16. 16. Orange Van (Electronic Youth Vocal Remix)