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Albez Duz
Wings Of Tzinacan

Albez Duz - Wings Of Tzinacan

Albez Duz has shared the stage with iconic acts such as Primordial and Swans as well as other rising talent including Bölzer, Ascension and Hexvessel. In a short time, the Berliners established themselves as a force in the European underground and elicited high praise from both critics and audiences alike. Albez Duz entered The Source Studios Munich and recorded its third full-length album, Wings Of Tzinacan, with producer and audio engineer Michael Zech. Guitarist Julia Neuman has joined their ranks, solidifying the band as an unstoppable power trio.

For Fans Of Celtic Frost, Triptykon, Type Of Negative, Death In June

TAGS: Doom | Hard Rock | Metal

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"Our Lord, The Flayed One"


  1. 1. The Uprising
  2. 2. Reflections
  3. 3. Our Lord, The Flayed One
  4. 4. Innocence Gate
  5. 5. Sacred Flame
  6. 6. Tzinacan's Rising
  7. 7. Death Whistle
  8. 8. Omen Filled Season

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