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Albert Castiglia
Up All Night

Albert Castiglia - Up All Night

Up All Night. It’s an apt title for Albert Castiglia’s seventh album: nobody sleeps when this man is in town. After 27 years of house-rocking studio albums and smack-in-the-mouth live shows, the Florida bandleader is the acknowledged master of red-raw, sweat-and-hair blues that gives it to you straight. Now, the visceral riffs and bruised soul of Up All Night make everything else sound like a lullaby. “I’d describe the musical vibe of this new album,” says Castiglia simply, “as heavy.” Up All Night finds Castiglia in a creative swagger after last year’s acclaimed Big Dog.

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"Hoodoo On Me"


  1. 1. Hoodoo On Me
  2. 2. I Been Up All Night
  3. 3. Three Legged Dog
  4. 4. 95 South
  5. 5. Knocked Down Loaded
  6. 6. Quit Your Bitching
  7. 7. Women Don't Lie
  8. 8. Unhappy House Of Blues
  9. 9. Delilah
  10. 10. Chase Her Around The House
  11. 11. You Got Me To That Place

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jan 25
    Pompano Beach, FL, US Shaw Davis & the Black Ties and Albert Castiglia at Galuppi's
  • Feb 02
    Sarasota, FL, US Sean Chambers, Albert Castiglia, and Frank Bang at Sarasota Sky Bar & Club
  • Feb 20
    Phoenix, AZ, US Albert Castiglia at Rhythm Room
  • Mar 02
    San Francisco, CA, US Albert Castiglia at Biscuits and Blues
  • May 03
    Ospel, Netherlands Moulin Blues Festival 2019
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