New Releases For August 25, 2017

Renaissance In Extremis

Akercocke - Renaissance In Extremis

Akercocke return with their new album Renaissance In Extremis. The masters of dark and twisted British extreme metal have comprehensively reinvented and expanded their multifarious sound, delivering euphoric force, mind-boggling weirdness; with scything thrash and death metal riffs in abundance; warped but elegant melodies and clouds of ugly dissonance with moments of unsettling calm. This is a bold, bullish and belligerent statement of creative intent: metal’s dark spirit reborn in an explosion of bright ideas and inspirational fury. Erupting across the consciousness of the metal scene in the late ‘90s, fiendishly blending death, black and progressive metal, Akercocke’s distinctive, smartly-dressed demeanor, eloquent preoccupation with all things dark and Satanic marked them out as ferociously individual artists and enlightened students of the pitch-black sonic code.

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  1. 1. Disappear
  2. 2. Unbound By Sin
  3. 3. Insentience
  4. 4. First To Leave The Funeral
  5. 5. Familiar Ghosts
  6. 6. A Final Glance Back Before Departing
  7. 7. One Chapter Closing For Another To Begin
  8. 8. Inner Sanctum
  9. 9. A Particularly Cold Sept