New Releases For May 21, 2013

Black Dog Barking

Airbourne - Black Dog Barking

Black Dog Barking, the band's triumphant new album, is a furious declaration of all that it means to feel truly alive in service to the great spirit of rock n' roll music. Airbourne's third record is nothing less than the sum total of all that Airbourne has aspired to since the band formed in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia 10 years ago.

Black Dog Barking is without a doubt one of the most honest rock n' roll records available at the moment. 'It's everything we've got to give,' Joel declares. 'We put our heart and soul into this one.'

Airbourne are the most licensed band in Roadrunner Records history.

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"Live It Up"


  1. 1. Ready To Rock
  2. 2. Animalize
  3. 3. No One Fits Me (Better Than You)
  4. 4. Back In The Game
  5. 5. Firepower
  6. 6. Live It Up
  7. 7. Woman Like That
  8. 8. Hungry
  9. 9. Cradle To The Grave
  10. 10. Black Dog Barking

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 18
    Kassel, Germany Rock am Stück 2019
  • Jul 19
    Maidstone, UK Ramblin’ Man Fair 2019
  • Jul 19
    Luzern, Switzerland Blue Balls Festival 2019
  • Jul 25
    Luzern, Switzerland Airbourne with The Amorettes at Kkl Luzern, Luzerner Saal
  • Jul 25
    Luzern, Switzerland Airbourne at Kkl Luzern, Luzerner Saal
  • Aug 01
    Wacken, Germany Wacken Festival 2019
  • Aug 02
    Rejmyre, Sweden Skogsröjet Festival 2019
  • Aug 06
    Belfast, UK Airbourne at Limelight
  • Aug 07
    Dublin, Ireland Airbourne at Academy
  • Aug 14
    Dornbirn, Austria Airbourne at Conrad Sohm
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