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Some Kind Of Hate

Aiden - Some Kind Of Hate

Riding the wave of their impressive fifth full-length album, Disguises, earlier this year, Aiden strike again with the one-two punch of Some Kind Of Hate. After a national tour in support of Disguises, Aiden quickly went back to work on writing another full length studio album proving that nothing can slow down the Seattle punk rock veterans.

Some Kind Of Hate continues to build on Aiden's gritty, rebellious, and controversial brand of rock n' roll their cult of adoring fans have come to love. Aiden will hammer out new songs from Some Kind Of Hate when they bring their always raw and intense live show across North America this fall. Aiden aim to steal the show every chance they get and ensure everyone has Some Kind Of Hate.

TAGS: Hardcore | Punk

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"Broken Bones"


  1. 1. There Will Be Blood
  2. 2. Broken Bones
  3. 3. Irony In The Shadows
  4. 4. London Dungeon
  5. 5. Deactivate
  6. 6. Grotesque Vanity
  7. 7. Transmission
  8. 8. Freedom From Religion
  9. 9. The Courage To Carry On
  10. 10. In The End

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