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Against Me!
White Crosses

Against Me! - White Crosses

Produced by Butch Vig, White Crosses is as powerful and bold a rock record as one can imagine. The band roar like fighter jets screaming over a stadium on the anthemic title-track. Joining that is the escapist fury of 'Spanish Moss,' and the short stick of dynamite, 'Rapid Decompression.' 'Ache With Me' is a slow-jam that would make Paul Westerberg blush, while 'High Pressure Low' is Billy Idol meets fellow Gainesville native Tom Petty. 'This is my Florida record,' says Tom Gabel. 'I spent a lot of time writing this record while driving directionless on forgotten Florida state roads, highly caffeinated, with albums like [Petty's] Full Moon Fever blasting on my stereo.'

ARTIST SITE | RELEASED: June 8, 2010 ON Sire
TAGS: Alternative | Punk


  1. 1. White Crosses
  2. 2. I Was A Teenage Anarchist
  3. 3. Because Of The Shame
  4. 4. Suffocation
  5. 5. We're Breaking Up
  6. 6. High Pressure Low
  7. 7. Ache With Me
  8. 8. Spanish Moss
  9. 9. Rapid Decompression
  10. 10. Bamboo Bones

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