New Releases For March 19, 2013

Copper Man

ACIDIC - Copper Man

'Fucking killer track. As soon as I heard this, I loved it!' - Nikki Sixx on 'Copper Man,' his Sixx Pick of the Week

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'This album is the album we've been wishing and praying for, a high-powered fusion of insanity-based rock. It's organic, carnivorous rock n' roll!' - Michael Gossard (Lead vocalist, guitarist)

'I need the new ACIDIC album now!' - Maine fan

'This band is the real deal, bad ass front man can play his ax like the wind blows.' - Arkansas fan

Produced by John Ryan of Chicago Kid Productions

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"Copper Man"


  1. 1. Copper Man
  2. 2. Satellite
  3. 3. Monster
  4. 4. Only One
  5. 5. Drive Thru
  6. 6. Forever More
  7. 7. Looking Glass
  8. 8. Pirate Eyes
  9. 9. Hail To The Yeti
  10. 10. Believe