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Aaron Watson - Vaquero

In a world where country music at times seems to have lost its identity and roots, Aaron Watson remains firmly committed to staying true to his music and brand, the epitome of representing Texas, cowboy hats, buckles, and fiddles that served country music and country music lovers for generations while always staying focused on the core values that have brought his unprecedented success to this, family and fans.

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"Outta Style"


  1. 1. Texas Lullaby
  2. 2. Take You Home Tonight
  3. 3. These Old Boots Have Roots
  4. 4. Be My Girl
  5. 5. They Don’t Make Em Like They Used To
  6. 6. Vaquero
  7. 7. Outta Style
  8. 8. Run Wild Horses
  9. 9. Mariano’s Dream
  10. 10. Clear Isabel
  11. 11. Big Love In A Small Town
  12. 12. One Two Step At A Time
  13. 13. Amen Amigo
  14. 14. The Arrow
  15. 15. Rolling Stone
  16. 16. Diamonds & Daughters

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 23
    Little Rock, AR, US Aaron Watson with David Adam Byrnes at Revolution Room
  • Mar 24
    Miami, OK, US Aaron Watson at Buffalo Run Casino
  • Mar 31
    Fort Worth, TX, US Aaron Watson at Billy Bob's Texas
  • Apr 06
    Baton Rouge, LA, US Aaron Watson at Texas Club
  • Apr 07
    Houston, TX, US Aaron Watson at Sam Houston Race Park
  • Apr 14
    San Luis Obispo, CA, US Aaron Watson at Unknown venue
  • Apr 20
    Amarillo, TX, US Pat Green, Aaron Watson, and Jon Wolfe at Amarillo Civic Center
  • Apr 21
    Lubbock, TX, US Aaron Watson and Jon Wolfe at City Bank Coliseum
  • Apr 24
    Stephenville, TX, US Aaron Watson at Unknown venue
  • Apr 25
    Tacoma, WA, US Aaron Watson with Dylan Jakobsen at Steel Creek American Whiskey Co
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