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Aaron Lee Tasjan
Karma For Cheap

Aaron Lee Tasjan - Karma For Cheap

Aaron Lee Tasjan says he aims to use his music for good, but he’s no protest singer. And Karma For Cheap isn’t some heavy-handed, didactic political record cramming a set of talking points down anyone’s throat. It’s a finely tuned rock & roll seismograph measuring the dark and uncertain vibrations of the time in which it was created. A cracked mirror reflecting back the American zeitgeist in this foul year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and Eighteen. With Karma, Tasjan establishes himself as an artist who not only evolves over time but isn’t afraid to risk reinventing himself completely from one record to the next.

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"If Not Now When"


  1. 1. If Not Now When
  2. 2. The Truth Is So Hard To Believe
  3. 3. The Rest Is Yet To Come
  4. 4. Heart Slows Down
  5. 5. End Of The Day
  6. 6. Dream Dreamer
  7. 7. Strange Shadows
  8. 8. Set You Free
  9. 9. Crawling At Your Feet
  10. 10. Songbird

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 18
    Louisville, KY, US Aaron Lee Tasjan and Jefferson Starship at Zanzabar
  • May 17
    Beaufort, NC, US Beaufort Music Festival 2019
  • May 19
    Winston-Salem, NC, US Aaron Lee Tasjan at The Ramkat
  • Jun 26
    Spring Green, WI, US Aaron Lee Tasjan with Christopher Gold and The New Old Things at The Shitty Barn
  • Jun 29
    Davenport, IA, US Aaron Lee Tasjan at Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel
  • Jul 02
    Boulder, CO, US Aaron Lee Tasjan with Kind Hearted Strangers at Fox Theatre
  • Jul 06
    Leadville, CO, US Aaron Lee Tasjan at Tabor Opera House
  • Jul 07
    Fort Collins, CO, US Aaron Lee Tasjan at Armory Event Center
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