New Releases For March 8, 2011

Aaron Gillespie
Anthem Song

Aaron Gillespie - Anthem Song

Aaron Gillespie is a name widely recognized by many - as being apart of Underoath and The Almost. Now closing a chapter of his music career with Underoath and starting a new chapter with his worship project Anthem Song, Aaron is able to express the cry of his heart. Aaron co-wrote with Paul Baloche, Delirious, and a few others, to bring you a worship album that is from the heart, but with an edgy pop vibe.

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"We Were Made For You"


  1. 1. All Things
  2. 2. Hosanna
  3. 3. Washed Away
  4. 4. Earnestly I Seek Thee
  5. 5. We Were Made For You
  6. 6. I Will Worship You
  7. 7. Anthem Song
  8. 8. You Are Jesus
  9. 9. You Are My Everything
  10. 10. Your Song Goes On Forever
  11. 11. I Am Your Cup