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A Tragedy In Progress
Mechanical Weather

A Tragedy In Progress - Mechanical Weather

Guitarist Jason Fields recently commented during an AtlSounds interview on what listeners can expect from this full length effort: 'I feel like it's a solid record start to finish. A lot of records have high points and a lot of filler in between. I feel like our record is strong throughout. Across Five Aprils fans will hear things that are indicative of this lineup and our chemistry, but they will hear better crafted songs with a more mature sound. That being said, I believe and hope a new listener would enjoy it just as much.'

TAGS: Hardcore | Punk

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"The Human Condition"


  1. 1. Radio Revolt
  2. 2. The Human Condition
  3. 3. Unwilling To Settle
  4. 4. Taking Off
  5. 5. Turbulence
  6. 6. Touching Down
  7. 7. Better Left Alone
  8. 8. Shoot The Messenger
  9. 9. SRP
  10. 10. Devil By Design
  11. 11. Our Colors
  12. 12. Splinters
  13. 13. Mechanical Weather (Featuring Josh Gilbert)