New Releases For July 14, 2017

3rd Grade Friends

3rd Grade Friends - #Ourtime

Our homework is done and our report is ready to be turned in for your listening pleasure. 3rd Grade Friends is a power duo from Maryland appropriately composed of third grade friends, Robin and Joe. Their latest release #Ourtime is produced by Procrastination Records.

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"Bully Goes Down At Lunch"


  1. 1. Morning Announcements
  2. 2. History Lesson
  3. 3. Steak Sub Thursday
  4. 4. Bully Goes Down At Lunch
  5. 5. Mandatory Square Dance
  6. 6. Walking Home

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 15
    Annapolis, MD, US Light Beams with 3rd Grade Friends at Tsunami
  • May 03
    Baltimore, MD, US Thirsty Curses, 3rd Grade Friends, and Dredneks at The Sidebar
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