New Releases For July 2, 2013

Venomous Maximus
Beg Upon The Light

Venomous Maximus - Beg Upon The Light

The Texan dark occult metal outfit Venomous Maximus has already risen to the status of a heavy hitter in the depths of the underground.

Now, the band is ready to finally unleash their album debut Beg Upon The Light, which brings the enthralled listener into the realm of the occult. Pounding and powerful songs filled with energy set the stage for the glorious vocals of frontman Gregg Higgins, the grand marshal who leads through these occult hymns Beg Upon The Light combines occultism, heavy riffs and the perfect stoner attitude to create a pitch-black and irresistible album

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"Path Of Doom"


  1. 1. Funeral Queen
  2. 2. Path Of Doom
  3. 3. Give Up The Witch
  4. 4. Father Time
  5. 5. Dream Again
  6. 6. Moon Child
  7. 7. Battle For The Cross
  8. 8. Venomous Maximus
  9. 9. Mother Milk
  10. 10. Hell's Heroes
  11. 11. The Mission (Bonus Track)
  12. 12. The Rider (Bonus Track)
  13. 13. The Gift (Bonus Track)